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18-Piece Acrylic Drawer Organizer Tray By Utopia Home

Units Per Carton: 2
Carton Price: $61.58

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  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: Our set includes 6 PCs organizer trays measuring 32 X 8 X 5.3 CM, 6 PCs trays measuring 24 X 8 X 5.3 CM, and 6 PCs measuring 8.1 X 8.1 X 5.3 CM
  • Material: Plastic, Acrylic
  • Feature: Transparent Design, BPA Free Plastic, Non-slip Bottom, Smooth Edges and Easily Washable
  • Quantity: 38 Pieces - 2 Sets
  • Usage: Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Day Care Centers & Homes
  • Origin: China
  • Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)

drawer organizers 

Utopia Home brings the top quality 18PC drawer organizers in three varying sizes to facilitate organizing your handy stuff. Our set includes 6 PCs organizer trays measuring 32 X 8 X 5.3 CM, 6 PCs trays measuring 24 X 8 X 5.3 CM and 6 PCs measuring 8.1 X 8.1 X 5.3 CM. We provide you the varying sized trays to allow you to customize the set as per your style by keeping similar category items together. You can transform the combinations upon your needs.

There are few things more satisfying than a well-organized kitchen and that’s your drawers. The drawer organizers are made of polypropylene plastic that ensure long life usage. We ensure that the high visibility design facilitate you to pick up your needed item swiftly. Thanks to the parallel lines at the bottom of each tray that holds the items in place. The organizers are especially suited for compact places because they can easily be stacked over one another thereby making space for keeping other important stuff.

smooth edges

The edge of the organizers are smooth and flat so that it should not leave any scratch on the top where it is left to be placed. This design also facilitates cleaning of the organizers effortlessly. Just use a soapy cloth and gently rub it then leave it to dry naturally.


innovative storage solutions for compact spaces

With our simple storage solution, you can instantly revamp a messy drawer in to a tidy and orderly drawer. Our organizers are a perfect solution for utilizing the dead space in your cabinets or pantry while organizing small items that can help create more space. Keeping it multi-use in nature, our storage containers are one of our reliable products where style meets the function.

Cosmetics Organizer/ Dresser Organizer Bins

A necessary product for beauty lovers. You can easily store any size of cosmetics and skincare essentials that may be scattered on your vanity table or restroom counter. Neatly lodge all your cosmetics and accessories in different sizes of bins quickly while tidying up your drawer neatly.


office supplies storage

This organizer offers an attractive way to help store your office stationary or supplies in order. Time to keep your desk clean and do your best at your studies or work.