Utopia Kitchen

Multi-purpose Unisex Adjustable Bib Apron with 2 Pockets by Utopia Kitchen (White)

Units Per Carton: 60
Carton Price: $181.20


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  • Color: White
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Feature: Durable, Adjustable Neck Strap, Tie Closure, 2 Large Pockets, Synthetically Hemmed Edges, Wrinkle & Shrinkage Resistant, Prevents any Spills or Stains, Machine Wash and Tumble Dry on Low
  • Quantity: 60 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Cafes, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants and Homes
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)
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Phenomenal Quality

The bib aprons are made using high-quality, weaved, 100% polyester fabric to protect your clothes from oil spills. All their edges are professionally hemmed, making the aprons exceptionally durable. The edges are well made to meet the quality standards.

Care Instructions

  • Always use cold water to wash the aprons
  • Avoid using a dye or bleach to wash the aprons
  • Avoid washing these dark-colored aprons with light-colored cloths.
  • Use a low heat setting for tumble drying the aprons
  • If required, iron the aprons on low, warm setting