Utopia Bedding

Adjustable Furniture Risers - 3, 5 and 8 Inch Heavy Duty Riser by Utopia Bedding (Black)

Units Per Carton: 9
Carton Price: $90.00


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  • Color: Black
  • Material: Heavy Duty Unbreakable Plastic
  • Size: Up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches (When Combined)
  • Feature: Customizable Bed Risers, Supports Total Weight of 1.300 lbs., Heavy duty Risers, Safe & Dual Height Selection
  • Includes: 8 Piece Set
  • Quantity: 9 Sets Per Carton
  • Usage: Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Homes and Guest Houses
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)

furniture riser

For the individuals who experience issues ascending from seats or beds, Utopia furniture risers permit the tallness of each household item to be balanced for enhanced versatility. These stackable risers are protected on any level floor surface including rug and hardwood floors. These bed risers are made of heavy-duty plastic that can easily carry even the heaviest of furniture in your home without causing harm to them in any form. The risers are capable of holding up to 1300 lbs.

These furniture risers, available in Black and White colors, give you the option to choose the one according to your home furniture. The bed risers are made in such a way that they do not scuff floors or snag carpets when in use and also make your furniture look trendy.

create under furniture storage

Use these risers to effectively utilize under-the-bed storage and safely hoist your beds or furniture to an extra 5" to 9". A hassle-free answer for little rooms, apartments, and condos with constrained storage space. These customizable furniture risers instantaneously create storage space under your furniture whether it be your bed, sofa, etc. The furniture risers set is perfect for elevating single or double beds having 4 posts.

improved access with minimal effort required

Alter the height of beds, couches, and seats to suit the individuals who experience issues when sitting or rising. Bed risers are ideal for adjusting furniture height to help seniors and the elderly. The risers are likewise ideal for elevating worktables to reduce backaches and pains. It comes in handy with tables having four legs as it helps in improving access by raising your table/desk 5 or 9 inches higher. It also reduces the effort to stand from low sofas/couches when you apply these furniture risers to them.

dual height selection

Each crate of risers accompanies 4 base and 4 risers which are 5 and 9 inches, respectively, as per requirement. This gives the option to make your bed reach the desired height. This set is good enough to suffice single furniture set at a time.

care instructions

  • Avoid putting up the weight of more than 1300 lbs.
  • Do not use the furniture risers inverted
  • Keep away from extreme temperature
  • Do not use with chairs, stools, recliners, sitting benches
  • Keep away from children