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All Season Alternative - Reversible Sherpa Fleece Comforter (Twin / Chocolate)

Units Per Carton: 3
Carton Price: $61.50

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  • Color: Chocolate
  • Size: 68 X 88 Inches - Twin
  • Material: Fleece/Sherpa
  • Feature: Reversible Design, Siliconized Fiber Filling, Box Style Stitching, Ultra Soft, Comfy, Convenient Size, Machine Washable
  • Quantity: 3 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses & Homes
  • Origin: China
  • Delivery: Within 2-3 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)

Sherpa Comforter


Super Luxurious and Soft Reversible Sherpa-Flannel Comforter Set

Utopia Bedding’s premium quality Reversible Sherpa Flannel Fleece Comforter Set is all you need to stay warm in cold autumn afternoons and long winters. Its double-sided reversible design is sure to delight you as you disappear into a world of comfort and coziness. It is so soft and fluffy that you will fall in love with your bed even more!

Elegant and Sleek Box-Style Stitching

Modernize your bed with a uniquely designed comforter that has a smooth and silky texture. The Sherpa comforter set has a box-style stitching pattern with solid edges keeping the internal filling from clustering and moving. The filling remains equally distributed so you won’t notice any clumps. This also adds to the strength and durability of the comforter.

The Ultimate in Comfort

The Sherpa fleece comforter set adds a sense of belonging to your bed, as you cuddle into it every day and every night. Made of the finest and premium quality Sherpa wool material, this comforter set makes another standard in providing you a with luxurious sleeping experience. The softness and warmth it offers, helps you relax and recover from everyday stress. Getting into bed becomes tempting once you experience the cozy feel of our reversible Sherpa-Flannel fleece comforter set.

Best of Both Worlds

The Sherpa fleece comforter set offers you double the comfort and coziness. The comforter has two sides, each offering comfort and warmth in its unique way. While one side has Sherpa fleece the other features Flannel fleece. You can lay it down in any position to enjoy a restful sleep. Additionally, our reversible Sherpa comforter is exceptionally light-weighted.

Care Instructions

Our reversible Sherpa comforter set is easily machine washable at the gentle or delicate setting with two rinse cycles, using cold water. Use only a mild detergent to preserve its softness and color. Too much detergent can strip the comforter, so use it sparingly.

Dry the comforter set in an extra-large capacity dryer at the lowest heat setting or no heat. Give at least 2-3 hours for drying.

Moreover, it is recommended you wash your comforters only once a year to keep it clean.