Utopia Bedding

Brushed Microfiber Pillow Cover by Utopia Bedding (Queen / White)

Units Per Carton: 120
Carton Price: $120.00



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  • Color: White
  • Size: 20 X 30 Inches - Queen
  • Material: Polyester
  • Feature: High-Quality Fabric, Envelope Closure, Soft, Breathable, Fade Resistant, Wrinkle & Stain Resistant, Skin Friendly, and Machine Washable
  • Quantity: 120 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Hostels, and Homes
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)

Value Pack of 12

Soft and Breathable Fabric

Wrinkle and Stain Resistant

Our pillowcases are skillfully manufactured with strong and durable fabric that maintains the overall brightness and shape of the pillowcases for years. The tight weave of microfiber cause liquids to bead up and sit on the surface of the fabric for a short time instead of soaking immediately. This makes it highly stain resistant. If you can clean up the liquid before it soaks into the fabric, it will be as if nothing ever spilled on your pillow. Moreover, the microfiber material is processed in a fashion that makes these pillows wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant. Experience a smooth finish look of your pillows and a blissful night's sleep with these pillowcases.


Care Instructions

Ordinary washers and dryers can be used for easy care and washing of these pillowcases. Hand or machine wash in cold water with light detergent is recommended. Washing at a high temperature makes the microfibers expand . If you hand wash, use a soft bristled brush if necessary – rinse thoroughly.

Air dry is best for drying since microfiber dries relatively quickly. However, if you plan to use the dryer, set it on low heat or no heat. This setting uses less quantity of water for laundering, less percentage of chemicals and consume less energy for drying. Besides this, it is preshrunk to avoid any shrinkage after washing.