Fiber Polyester Filled Bed Pillow (King)

  • Queen sized pillow measuring 20 inches x 26 inches and 800 grams ball fiber filling; constructed with 100% pure polyester with a microfiber cover with Grey Sateen Ribbon at the borders
  • The unique design resists flattening & fiber shifting after every use, offering more support & comfort; provides perfectly soft, gentle yet firm lift for all the natural care you need as you sleep
  • The fiber filled pillow is dust mite resistant with 3D hollow siliconized material which helps retain the shape; the pillow stays cool against the skin, unlike polyester
  • Machine wash on the gentlest cycle with cold water, sundry or tumble dry on low when needed
  • The pillow is compressed packed, opening the plastic wrap will fluff up the pillow; please allow 24 hours for it to fluff up completely

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Super Plush Fiber Filling

The pillow is filled with Ball Fiber, which makes the pillow fluffy to give you a heavenly sleeping experience. The top quality filling fluffs up to allow a cozy and relaxing feel.
To ensure maximum comfort, the pillow is designed to be breathable and can be easily molded to adopt any sleeping position. 


Fabric Construction

This Queen size pillow is expertly tailored using microfiber cover that offers double needled corded edges. This professionally finished pillow with a high thread count provides superior comfort against your skin along with added durability that easily resists wear and tear.


Fluffing the Pillow

The pillow comes vacuum packed. Don’t worry if it seems flat. Take it out of the vacuum bag and witness the magic as the pillow fluffs up.
If the pillow does not fluff up on its own, try the following methods:

1. The quickest way to fluff this pillow is to use your hands. Grab both ends of the pillow and push it in-and-out for a few minute.
2. Put the Pillow in the Dryer with 2 Tennis Balls: 
Start off by placing your pillow in the dryer with 2 tennis balls (preferably wrapped in a cloth or socks separately). The tennis ball will hit the pillow, fluffing up the filling. Tumble dry low for an hour to make sure your pillow become fluffier and softer. 

Care Instructions

Wash the pillow using machine wash on gentlest cycle using cold water and fabric softener. However, hand washing would be ideal

After spin drying pillow in the machine, take it out carefully. Shake or punch to dislodge any clumps inside.
Pillow could be air dried. However, make sure it is left in a warm area to completely dry to prevent the growth of mold.
If you are using the machine to dry make sure you use a drying bag or wrap the pillow in a towel. Also set dryer machine on sensitive or fluff setting without heat.


Manufacturer Utopia Bedding
Pieces Per Pack 1
Pieces Per Carton 6
Carton Dimensions 24 x 22 x 17 inches
Carton Weight 33.3 pounds

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