Heat Resistant Bowl (6.5-inch of 500 ml)

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Made To Resist

Utopia Kitchen's dinner bowl is made from opal glassware which takes away the hassles of broken or chipped plates. The tempered glass gets exclusive thermal treatment which gives it the resistance to withstand up to three times normal tableware.

Dishwasher Safe

All the bowls are safe for the standard dishwasher and can be used without any worry. The opal glassware is designed to withstand the wear and tear without losing their shine or their designs.

Microwave Safe

All the bowls are microwave safe. You can use the tempered glass dishes without worrying about the thermal shocks.

Uncontested Hygiene

The surface of the bowl is non-porous, and are resistant to microorganisms. This ensures 100% hygiene for you and your family.

Heat Resistant Opal Glassware

The entire bowl is made from only the best-tempered glass material, the opal ware is both durable and breaks resistant.

Manufacturer Utopia Kitchen
Pieces Per Pack 6
Pieces Per Box 48
Box Dimensions 14 x 9 x 14 inches
Box Weight 32.64 pounds