Utopia Kitchen

Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Steel Rod by Utopia Kitchen (10 Inches)

Units Per Carton: 30
Carton Price: $296.10

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  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 10 Inch
  • Material: Carbon Steel & Plated with Nickel-Chrome
  • Feature: Easy to Use, Left & RIght Handed, Fits all Hands, Slip Resistant, Rubber Bottom & Safe
  • Quantity: 30 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Ideal for Kitchens, Commercial Kitchens, Cafes, Butcher Shop, Slaughter Houses sand Homes
  • Origin: China
  • Delivery: Within 2-3 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)

Quick at work

Who doesn’t like spending lesser time in the Kitchen? Make it possible now by using the perfect knives sharpened with the knife sharpening steel rod. This 10 inch rod is best for daily maintenance needs of your favorite knives. It makes your knife sharper quickly by removing very little material away from your knife. It works best for all type of knives including kitchen, household, sporting and pocket knives. It sharpens all standard and serrated edge knife blades in the blink of an eye!

Easy and Safe to use

Now much less effort is needed to sharpen your knives with this rod because its ergonomic handle fits all hands, whether you are right or left handed making it easy to use. The slip-resistant bottom durable handle will make the rod easy to handle and will stay in place while use so it is safer for you.Use the rod without any fear of being hurt!

Care Instructions

Please use non-woven oil cloth soaked with cooking oil to wipe the body of the sharpening rod and dry it. When washed with water, make sure to wipe dry completely after washing and hang in a cool place to dry completely. Avoid putting the sharpening rod in dishwasher or water.