Knited Jacquard Premium Pillows (Queen)

  • Pack of 2 - with a luxurious jacquard and durable stitching gives these pillows a posh look as well as proves to be long lasting
  • Queen size measures 20 x 26 inches in dimensions
  • Filled with a medium-firm blend and the superior quality products used in the manufacturing ensures a long night sleep without any interruptions
  • Medium-firm blend filling ensures a comfortable night’s sleep without any interruptions
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry on low when needed
  • Comes in a box containing 8 pieces

$11.49 $6.28/Piece (You Save 45%)

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Set of 2 Queen Size

This set of 2 queen size pillows is expertly tailored using white knitted jacquard fabric with double needle corded edges. These are professionally tailored pillows, carrying a high thread count to provide superior comfort for your skin along with added durability that can easily resist wear and tear. The set of pillows ensure a complete look for your bedroom.

The 850G fiber filling in each queen size pillow ensures maximum comfort for any sleeping position.

Fluffing Pillows

Please give 48 - 72 hours to the pillows to fully expand. You can also tab or press the pillows a few times to speed up the expansion process. If still, the pillows do not expand, then please use the following methods to spring them up.

1. Put the Pillow, with Two Tennis Balls, in the Dryer

Start off by placing your pillow in the dryer with two tennis balls (preferably wrapped in a cloth or socks separately). The tennis balls will hit the pillow to fluff up the filling. Tumble dry on low for an hour so that the pillow becomes fluffier and softer.

2. Leave the Pillow in the Sun

By placing the pillows in the sun for a few hours on a bright sunny day, the moisture that builds up overnight due to usage will evaporate, letting the pillows to fluff up over the course of the day. Also, you can hang the pillows outside on a clothesline if you have one.

Care Instructions



Machine wash the pillow set on gentle cycle using cold water and fabric softener. However, hand washing the set would be ideal.


After spin drying, take the pillow out of the machine carefully. Shake or punch them to dislodge any clumps inside.

Pillows can be air dried. However, make sure that they are left in a warm area to dry off to prevent the growth of mold completely.

If you are using the machine for drying purpose, then make sure that you use a drying bag, or you can also wrap the pillow in a towel. It is recommended to set the dryer machine on sensitive or fluff setting without heat.


Manufacturer Utopia Bedding
Pieces Per Pack 2
Pieces Per Box 8
Box Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0 inches
Box Weight 22.8 pounds