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Large Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Wall Clock - 12 Inch by Utopia Home (Silver)

Units Per Carton: 8
Carton Price: $53.84

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  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 12 Inch
  • Feature: Long Lasting Battery, Elegant Design, Large Numbers Font, Silent Sweep Functions, Easy Installation, Sturdy Frame and Clear View
  • Quantity: 8 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Retirement Homes, Guest Houses and Homes.
  • Origin: China
  • Delivery: Within 2-3 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)
Get The Most Value for Your Money with Top of the Line Decorative Wall Clock! This simple frame and silent 12" round clock features a classic dial, ideal for any wall. Hang in your office for a simple touch, or in the living room to create a modern atmosphere with utmost precision. Quartz wall clock guarantees accurate time throughout its life with the average battery lasting more than 1 year. The classical frame is solid and sturdy giving a classic feel to the entire room decoration. The simple yet elegant design boasts a satin finish that is well suited for virtually any room decor. Hang in your office for a simple touch or in the guest house to create a modern atmosphere. The back nail slot ensures easy installation. Powered by one AA battery (not included). Please use average carbon battery, instead of high duty batteries. The large numbers are clear to read and the front glass cover guarantees a crystal-clear view. Contemporary style with white dial and black numbers also makes it easier to read. To further enhance your experience, the Quartz wall clock comes with a silent sweep function which ensures no ticking to confirm a good sleep or relaxed working environment. 

Sturdy Frame 
Silent Non-ticking Function 
Quartz Keeps Track of Time With Utmost Precision 
Clear View