Stainless Steel Sink Strainer (4.5 Inch diameter)

    li>The sink strainers built with solid stainless steel and a premium finish that ensures high corrosion resistance which makes it almost unbreakable and rust-free
  • Effective anti-clogging shield lets fluid stream flawlessly into the drain while it blocks food and other waste particles
  • Its unique bevelled edge light weight makes sure the kitchen sink strainer remains stable in the sink hole; giving it a safe and stable fit
  • 4.5 inches general diameter incorporates a 2.75 inches micro-perforated bowl area shaped by a metal sheet flat rim to rest over sink hole
  • Regular water drainage keeps the strainer clean and rust free. Wash with dishwasher liquid to enhance the mirror-like shine

$1.38 / Piece

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Get the most out of our top rated Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Strainer which prevents blockages, filters out food, hair, and other small materials that can block up your drains.

Simply place this filter on top of the drainage hole in your washroom or kitchen sink, bathtub or shower drain to block small items getting in your drainage pipes and creating blockages

"Water IN. Food OUT. Thank you." - Easy, Efficient and Clean Use.

Manufacturer Utopia Kitchen
Pieces Per Pack 2
Pieces Per Box 200
Box Dimensions 25 x 9 x 10 inches
Box Weight 18.0 pounds