Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor With 100 Derby Blades by Utopia Care (Black)

  • Material: 430 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Feature: Flipable Blade Cover, Comfortable Metal Grip, 100 Debry Blades, Blades Wax Paper Wrappped, Easy to Master, Easy Grip
  • Includes: Barber Straight Edge Razor Saftey wih 100 Derby Blades
  • Quantity: 100 Pieces Per Carton
  • Usage: Perfect for Barbers, Hair Salons, Beauty Salons,
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Units Per Carton: 100 | Carton Price: $1,578.00

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ergonomic design

Easy-to-master design with a rounded edge assists in providing a safe and secure shave. Its smooth grip helps you easily get rid of overgrown facial hair. Rest your initial three fingers on the back of the blade, the last one on the blade’s tank and your thumb on the side of the blade, close to the center, for a perfect shaving experience.

Rust-Free 430-Grade Stainless Steel

Designed to perfection, using the finest of stainless steel, this razor pulls off a seamless shave every time. The disposable blade pack allows you to switch from an old and rusty blade to a new, clean one. It's made using the 430-Grade Japanese Stainless Steel construction that makes it rust-free and last longer.

Easy Grip

Hold your razor by resting your initial three fingers at the back of the blade. Now rest your pinky fingers on the blade’s tank and using a slight pressure, place your thumb on the side of the blade close to the center to have a comfortable grip of the razor. This grasp will ensure that you have the most comfortable shave.

shaving guide

Applying The Best Shave Stroke: 
Start stroking your skin with moderate strokes and move toward your whiskers in an even movement. Once there, you need to hold the sharp edge at a 30-degree edge. Just be mindful that you do not need to apply any weight when you shave and allow the sturdy design of the blade do the work itself.

Shaving The Right Cheek: 
Start shaving the right side of your face. Use your left hand to reach over your head and slightly draw the skin upwards with your two fingers to allow you to have a smooth surface for even shave. Now with an even stroke, continue shaving down till you have shaved a major portion of the cheek. Now slide your left hand down and get hold of the cheek to pull the skin. Keep the shaving motion downward, until you have shaved the whole part of the face.

Shaving Under The Jaw: 
Now, after you are done with the correct cheek, move on to the jaw. To get the right shave under the jaw, you need to tilt your head to the left to uncover the skin. Using your left hand fingers, pull the skin to tighten it up and shave with downward strokes for an even shave. 

Shaving the Upper Lip: 
This is a delicate area, so be careful while drawing the upper lip down. Draw it down as much as possible, and comfortable, then start shaving downwards. 

Under the Chin:
For a smooth shave under the chin; toss your head back and slightly lift the jaw. Now use your left fingers to pull the skin down. Be very careful when shaving under the chin because the skin under the neck is extremely sensitive and more prone to cuts. Shave in an even motion to avoid cuts under the chin. When done, just pour icy fresh water on your face and use a after shave cream or oil for a smooth feel.

Ultimate Shaving Experience

Our superior design is expertly weighted, agreeable in your grasp, and gives you more noteworthy control and adjust than numerous different razors available. Say goodbye to cuts and scratches. Save razor consumption and welcome an additional nearby wrap-up to your shaving accessories. Ideal for a touchy skin.


Manufacturer Utopia Care
Pieces Per Pack 1
Pieces Per Carton 100
Carton Dimensions 25 x 11 x 16 inches
Carton Weight 25.0 pounds

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