Silicone Spatula set of 3

Flipping, Sauteing, and Serving, Heat resistant silicone withstands up to 600 degree F

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  • 3-piece set includes small, medium and spoon-style spatula
  • Used for reaching food in jars of all shapes and sizes
  • Medium Silicone Spatula has rounded edge for scraping bowls
  • Square edge spatula for pushing batter into pan corners
  • Spoon-style Spatula for mixing, scooping and tasting
  • Dishwasher safe

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Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula is perfect for flipping, sautéing, and serving various food items. These tools aren't just pretty to look at, thanks to their smooth edges and rainbow of colors -- they are also indispensable in the kitchen. They're easy to throw in the dishwasher countless times (and simple to wash by hand). Abrasive cleaning pads can scratch the surface of silicone and should be avoided. They are much less likely to absorb smells or colors; and they, too, are gentle on the bottoms of pans.

  • Nonstick silicone requires less butter or oil before baking thereby decreasing the fat content in the prepared food
  • Thin and flexible edges make it ideal tool for thinly spreading or smoothing pastes and frostings
  • Heat resistant silicone withstands up to 600 º F which provides optimal utility with just the right amount of flex
  • Thick comfortable spatula handle can't get hot easily and allows firm grip while flipping or transferring food items

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