Cast Iron Combo Cooker

  • 3.2 quart dutch oven and 10.25 inch shallow skillet which can also be used as a lid
  • Pre-seasoned with soy-based oil to make it ready to be used straight out of the box
  • While cast iron doesn’t leach chemicals, it can leach some iron into your food and that’s pretty good for health
  • You can make or toast breads, casseroles, egg dishes, burgers, chicken, fish and more; after each use and particularly after washing it with water, you must thoroughly dry and condition the pan with oil for longer durability
  • To clean cast iron, never use soap; simply scrub your combo cooker with a stiff brush and hot water and dry it completely; it is not dishwasher-safe

$15.63 / Piece

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Get the most value for your money with Top-Rated Professional Grade Cooking Equipment! Our Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Combo Cooker with 3.2 Quart dutch oven and 10.25-inch shallow skillet which can also be used as a lid brings luxury cookware ta any kitchen.

This combo cooker is seasoned and ready to use. Perfect for cooking, steaks, paninis, vegetables, and more. Its generous size provides ample cooking space, and can be used in the oven or over a campfire.

That lovely sheen on cast-iron cookware is the sign of a well-seasoned pan, which renders it virtually nonstick. The health bonus, of course, is that you won’t need to use gads of oil to brown crispy potatoes or sear chicken when cooking in cast-iron. To season your cast-iron combo cooker, cover the bottom of the pan with a thick layer of kosher salt and a half inch of cooking oil, then heat until the oil starts to smoke. Carefully pour the salt and oil into a bowl, then use a ball of paper towels to rub the inside of the combo cooker until it is smooth.

The benefit to using cast-iron combo cooker in place of nonstick Combo cooker is that you avoid the harmful chemicals that are found in nonstick combo cooker. The repellent coating that keeps food from sticking to nonstick Combo cooker contains PFCs (perfluorocarbons), a chemical that’s linked to liver damage, cancer, developmental problems.

All our cast iron cookware is LEAD-FREE.


Manufacturer Utopia Kitchen
Pieces Per Pack 1
Pieces Per Box 3
Box Dimensions 11 x 13 x 17 inches
Box Weight 37.9476 pounds